INTER Network


INTER Network activities will be developed in 36 months and are distributed in 7 work packages:

Workpackage 1
Building and Maintaining the Network
Workpackage 2
Internal and External Evaluation
Workpackage 3
Dissemination of Network and outputs
Workpackage 4
Exploitation of outputs and products
Workpackage 5
Report on the state of innovation related to the network topics
Workpackage 6
Creating teacher training activities and developing a directory of school practices and resources
Workpackage 7
From us to others: implementation of materials, resources and teacher training activities

Building and maintaining the network will be a permanent concern during the network life. Nevertheless, activities related to this WP will be stressed during the first six months of the INTER Network. A learning community virtual platform will be launched, coordinated by UNED. It will be the means of communication among the partners, allowing exchange of documents and ideas. Launching of the virtual platform will be done from the beginning of the Network. The platform we will use is aLF (, developed by UNED), and the partner in charge of running it will be UNED. Internal and external evaluation as well as electronic newsletters will contribute to building and maintaining the INTER Network by improving communication between people and between facilities. The platform will also allow the organization of virtual conferences on key points of the tasks completion.

A group of activities refer to the state of innovation analysis on the network topics: intercultural education, teacher training, school practice and resources. WP5 will develop activities oriented to elaborate the necessary knowledge to promote teacher training and school practice from an intercultural approach. Local context information will be used in comparison analysis. Teacher training courses and postgrades will be designed and implemented in the last phase of the INTER life and further. At present High educational institutions are implied in developing the European Space. This will be an excellent opportunity to implement the INTER postgraduate initiatives oriented to teacher training accreditations.

Action research at school will enable to identify and inspire good practices from an intercultural approach. Periodical reports will analyse the way intercultural education is exemplified in the daily practices. Resources and teacher training initiatives will be implemented in the diverse partners institutions according the specific characteristics. It will be required to stablish a base-line to implement the INTER products (number of participants, type of activity, duration, etc.).

The official language of the INTER Network will be English. The virtual platform to be used in building our learning community, as well as the INTER Network website will be available in English. The main outputs will be produced in English, and other national languages will be used in specific annexed documents if pertinent. We recommend that communications (e-mail messages) between partners use a bilingual version: English and the official language of the institution implied.