INTER Network


Dissemination of products/results has been coordinated and established by all partners.

INTER Network - Intercultural Education. Teacher training and school practice.

Electronic newsletters will be delivered; they will have different sections that will inform about the Network progress, activities, initiatives,... as well as other contributions from outside the Network.
Number . 07 (July 2011)
Number . 06 (October 2010)
Number . 05 (March 2010)
Number . 04 (December 2009)
Number . 03 (June 2009)
Number . 02 (December 2008)
Number . 01 (May 2008)

Resources / Good Practices:
Directory of resources and good practices in intercultural education - A directory of school practices and resources will be produced as a result of the search, elaboration and evaluation of diverse materials and good practices in intercultural education. All partners will contribute to this directory.